Unlike other programs that force the same approach on every student, we evaluate each student individually. This allows us to find the right instructor for each student, design lessons around the student's favorite music, and match them up with other student's with similar skills and interests.

Our Student Showcase Concerts, as well as participation in numerous community events, allow students to perform in front of an audience on a regular basis. This provides positive reinforcement for the time spent practicing, working on fundamentals, and learning new songs. Regular live performance also builds a student's confidence, much more than participating in an annual recital, which is the traditional approach.

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All instruction is conducted at our Treynorth facility, unless specified otherwise.


All of our instructors are active professional musicians that use the latest technology and the methods that the pros use to learn how to play. We evaluate each student's interests and goals to match them with the appropriate instructor.
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Additional Programs

We also offer instruction in other aspects of music, arts, and technology, including:
  • Recording Classes
  • Acting and Theater
  • Product Training, etc.
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We offer group coaching and instruction for your band or worship team. Even if you don’t have a band, we can put you together with other students at your level, so everyone at Creative Ej can experience the excitement of playing music with others.
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