Creative Ej Network
Affiliate Program

If you currently operate a teaching or retail facility, now you can take your music program to the next level through the Creative Ej Network. Students that are members of the network gain access to all of the same benefits as the students in our programs, including rehearsal spaces, live performance programs and theater, all the way through recording their own CD or DVD in one of our studios.

Conveniently located near Huntersville, Lake Norman, University, and Northlake Mall, our 10,000 square ft. state of the art facility, has the spirit, drive and energy like no other. This creates an amazing opportunity to network, play and perform together. Creative Ej exists to help musicians achieve their dreams and is THE PLACE FOR MUSIC. We have affiliate programs for all sizes of lesson programs. You can offer individual memberships to your intermediate and advanced students directly, or you can become a member facility with all of your students becoming members of the network.

Rehearsal - We have rehearsal spaces ranging from individual stations, to a full stage with lights and sound. Small recording systems are also available to enable you to record your rehearsal or work on your songwriting.

Live Performance - Even if you don’t have a band, we can put you together with other students at your level, so everyone at Creative Ej can experience the excitement of playing music with others. Our main performance theater seats 200+, is available to everyone at Creative Ej, and is the site of concerts, clinics, seminars, and demonstrations. Creative Ej also has several house bands in various styles that will operate continuously. These bands will be under the direct supervision of the Creative Ej staff, and may even have some of our staff as band members.

Recording Studios - Our audio recording studio features a Digidesign Pro Tools HD system for the finest in digital audio quality and flexibility when making your own CD. The video studio is fully integrated with our performance theater, making that concert DVD a simple process. Even if you don’t have any prior experience in the studio, our producers take you through the entire process to make the highest quality product.

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